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into time and space

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Welcome to the original Doctor Who crossover community!

This community is dedicated to stories that combine the Doctor Who universe with another. Stories posted here must include at least two fandoms, and Doctor Who or one of its spinoffs must be one of those fandoms.

(So, no Doctor Who/Torchwood, no Doctor Who/Sarah Jane Adventures, since they're in the same verse. But TW/some other fandom, SJA/some other fandom, DW/some other fandom... that's all on-topic.)

This community is centered on crossover fanfiction. We welcome the posting of stories and fic recs. Check back here regularly for challenges as well!

Submissions should include the usual headers: title, rating, fandoms, any pairings, and any warnings. Content should be below an lj-cut or linked back to your own journal. Please add appropriate fandom and author tags to your fic. If it is your first time posting to the community, please use the "1st time posting" tag. Tagging helps readers find your fic!

Any community member is invited to rec good* fics to the community at any time. In addition to the standard headings (title, rating, fandoms, pairings, warnings), please tell us why you chose to rec the story. Please tag appropriately by fandom and add the "recs" tag.

*subjective, of course, but grammatical standards should apply.


Please use common sense and common courtesy when dealing with spoiler-sensitive material. Please do not use this community for non-crossover-related posts. The mod will warn, if possible, before deleting off-topic or inappropriately spoilerish posts; but if the OP does not respond, or is a repeat offender, or if the post is particularly egregious the mod reserves the right to delete outright.

Please PM significantowl with any questions or comments, and have fun!

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